Collaborate with Mash & Co. to turn a child’s beautiful drawing into a permanent piece of laser cut wall art! This is the perfect gift to forever capture a drawing and moment in time. Elevating it from the front of the fridge door and onto the walls.


Mash & Co. use laser technology to cut out the drawing, once cut they are hand painted. Each piece of wall art comes with specially designed ‘hanging blocks’ which simply slot onto a nail head (nails are provided). This allows the work to sit off the wall at the perfect distance to cast lovely shadows.


The multibuy offer allows you to either have different drawings made or multiples of the same drawing. Perfect for if you have more than one child, or they have too many wonderful drawings!


Please note that Mash & Co. convert the drawing to make it suitable to be cut out, this can involve thickening some lines and slightly moving bits, so they are all attached. Some small details maybe lost but we work extra hard to ensure this does not take away from the beauty of the drawing. For best results, a drawing where the ‘colouring in’ is not perfect really gives it character. If you have any questions on a drawing being ‘suitable’ or not please email a photo to


Please check out the 'How it works' page for full details and instructions.


Colours may vary due to differences in computer screen settings.



Colour options:

Each drawing has a black outline as standard, you can pick up to three additional colours (if needed) or leave it for Mash & Co. to pick the closest match available


Made from:

Laser 3mm MDF, finished with spray paint



Two nails and a hanging guide



Each drawing will be rescaled to fit within A3 dimensions (40/30cm)

Multicoloured Wall Art