Excellent taste on wanting a Mash & Co. laser cut drawing, now what do you need to do?

So how do you go about elevating a great drawing into something which will last forever?! With these six simple steps you are on your way to having your very own laser cut masterpiece.


Keep reading below for more information on how to get the best image ready for Mash & Co. to do their magic and any other questions you may have.


Will the laser cut drawing be just like the child’s drawing?

The laser cut drawing will be as close to the original drawing as possible, but some alterations will need to be made. This is what makes a Mash & Co. collaboration something special! The beauty of children’s drawing mixed with the expertise of Mash & Co. results in a fabulous piece of wall art.

Colours may need to be slightly altered to fit within our colour palette. Lines may need to be thickened up to give the work strength and some details may need to be moved/resized slightly to ensure it all fits together. But we take time to ensure the drawing is brought to life in the best way possible.

Illustration of an elephant and a parrot drawn by a child and copy of these drawings but with slight alterations. It is to show how Mash & Co. make small changes to the child's drawing. The outline of the drawing is thickened, 'floating' bits like the eyes have been moved so they are touching the outline of the body.

Can any drawing be turned into wall art?

Most drawings will be turned into wall art, but some may not be suitable. For the multicoloured pieces it is best to have a clear outline of the drawing, the colouring in does not need to be neat. For best results, leaving the imperfections in makes it more wonderful!

For the single line piece, it is best to pick a drawing which has a continuous line. If there are a lot of details which are not connected to the outline, these 'floating bits' will simply not be attached (for example the facial features in the drawing below). Mash & Co. make small alterations to try to keep as much detail as possible!

illustrastion of two drawings which have parts of the drawing 'floating'. For example a drawing of a face, the eyes, nose and mouth are not connected to the main outline of the face, hence 'floating'.

What is the difference between ‘single colour’ and  ‘multicoloured’ drawings?

Please see the illustration below to show the difference. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us here.

illustration to show the difference between a single colour laser cut drawing and a multicolour laser cut drawing. A single colour is a line drawing and a multicolour is a line drawing which has been coloured in.

How do I photograph the drawing?

You can either scan the drawing and then upload as a jpeg or you can use your phone to photograph it. When taking the photo, try to keep the phone parallel with the drawing to avoid any distortion. Make sure the whole drawing is in the shot and no bits are cropped out. It is ok if there are several other drawings in the shot, as long as the drawing you would like to be turned into wall art is centred and not cropped. See the illustrations below for guidance.


How do I upload the drawing?

Once you have purchased your Mash & Co. laser cut wall art, make a note of your unique purchase number. You must then email the jpeg file to putting the unique purchase number as your email subject title. Mash & Co. will confirm that they have received your photo. In some cases, the photo may need to be taken again or another drawing chosen (see ‘Can any drawing be turned into wall art?’ above).


How many colours can I have for a layered piece?

You can either pick 3 additional colours from our colour palette to go with the black outline of the drawing. Or we can pick the best fit colours to recreate the drawing!



What if I would like a colour not on the colour options?

You can pick a new colour (which is not part of our colour palette) but this would be at an additional cost of £10 per colour. Drop us an email here to ask for additional colour options. Please note it could take up to two extra weeks for the drawing to be made due to having to wait for new colours to be ordered and delivered to the workshop.

How long does it take Mash & Co. to make the drawings?

Please allow 14 working days for a Mash & Co. drawing to be made and posted. We always aim to get the drawing to you asap, but perfection takes time!


How do you hang/display the drawings?

Each piece of wall art comes with specially designed hanging blocks attached to the back of them. You are provided with instructions, a hanging guide and 2 small nails which the work simply hooks on to, leaving the perfect distance from the wall to allow beautiful shadows to be cast.

An illustration which shows how customers are to hang the laer cut gift. There are four steps. Step 1says 'You will need: art work, hanging guide, hammer, tape and the two nails provided.' Step 2 says 'Tape the hanging guide to the wall where you would like the laser cut drawing to be. (Make sure it is level).' Step 3 says 'Hammer the two nails into the wall going through the holes in the hanging guide. They should stick out the wall by 4mm.' Step 4 says 'Remove the hanging guide. Slot the laser cut drawing onto the nail heads. There are blocks with holes in on the back of the work which fit onto the nail heads.

Can I have a bigger drawing than A3?

Yes of course! To get a larger piece made you will need to contact us here explaining what size you are thinking (we can cut up to 58/89cm), and the team will get back to you with a quote.