Hello! I am Martha, the brains and brawn behind Mash & Co. I am inspired by children’s art and started recreating kids’ works of art into laser-cut drawings as gifts for my family. I saw the potential to spread this joy of transforming kids’ masterpieces from overwhelming stacks of paper into beautiful and unique wall art. Slowly things started to come together, and Mash & Co. was born.

With over ten years experience teaching art and design to children aged 5-18, I have always loved the creativity and joy that is shown in the early years and wanted a way to capture this moment in time.

Mash & Co. is based in Edinburgh and specialise in laser cut illustrations. As well as creating wonderfully unique children’s drawings, I also sell a small collection of puffin wall art. I have loved puffins for a long time, they are such cute birds so couldn’t resist turning them into a laser cut drawing!

Alongside Mash & Co. I have my own art practice, creating complex laser drawings inspired by nature, architecture, and landscapes. If you are interested in my work, please check it out at www.marthaellis.co.uk

A photograph of Martha Ellis who is the brains and brawn behind Mash & Co. She has a piece of her own art work in the background. It is complex and intricate drawing of wild grasses.